The University of Iowa Fulfilling the Promise: Reaccreditation 2008
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Section I:
Institutional Self-Study

Section II:
Special Emphasis Self-Study—Undergraduate Education

Section III:
Conclusion/Request for Reaccreditation


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From The Higher Learning Commission, The Handbook of Accreditation, Section 9.4, Version 2: Draft: 4-07

  1. Minutes of major organizational committees, including self-study committee
  2. Reports referenced in the self-study report or used by the working committees
  3. Assessment of student learning documentation: goals, instruments, benchmarks, plan, annual report, program reports
  4. Policies and procedures related to curriculum adoption, review and evaluation
  5. Policies on learning resources, including libraries, and formal agreements for the shared use of learning resources
  6. Policies on interaction with other academic organizations and programs
  7. Policies for allocation and use of computer resources
  8. Budgets and expenditure reports for units, programs, and the organization as a whole, and the organizational audits, at least for the prior 5 years
  9. Physical facilities master plans
  10. Maintenance plans
  11. Catalogs, bulletins, viewbooks, and other promotional literature
  12. Academic admission, good standing, and completion policies
  13. Policies related to the employment, orientation, supervision, and evaluation of full-time faculty, part-time faculty, and teaching assistants
  14. Faculty, student, and staff handbooks
  15. Bylaws of faculty and staff assemblies or other representative bodies
  16. Governance documents: charter, bylaws, policies, membership, minutes, reports
  17. A complete roster of all faculty members (full- and part-time) and their teaching assignments during the current academic term
  18. Formal agreements for all consortia or contractual relationships
  19. Student services policies (residence, governance, health, financial aid, student records), and the refund policy
  20. Board rosters, charters and bylaws, including those of separately incorporated entities (e.g., research, development, foundation, alumni associations, or athletic corporations)
  21. Reports from other agencies or accrediting bodies
  22. Documents concerning Title IV compliance and recertification
  23. Third party comment notices
  24. Academic program reviews




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