The University of Iowa Fulfilling the Promise: Reaccreditation 2008
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Section I:
Institutional Self-Study

Section II:
Special Emphasis Self-Study—Undergraduate Education

Section III:
Conclusion/Request for Reaccreditation


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Request for Continued Accreditation

Section I of this report demonstrates our compliance, as an institution, with the HLC criteria for accreditation.  Because we chose to conduct a special emphasis self-study, Section I is necessarily concise, drawing heavily on existing documents.  We believe it provides appropriate evidence to demonstrate that we meet the criteria, and in fact that we value—in our planning and in our actions—the four cross-cutting themes the HLC has defined as a way of integrating the criteria: we are a distinctive, future-oriented, connected, and learning-focused organization. 

Section II is our special emphasis self-study on undergraduate education, which provides additional evidence that that we meet the criteria for accreditation.  It also identifies areas in which we believe we must improve if we hope to take the next steps toward improving the undergraduate experience at The University of Iowa. 

Based on the evidence provided in this self-study report and in other materials available to the Higher Learning Commission and the members of the consultant-evaluator team, The University of Iowa formally requests continued accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. 





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