Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost
The University of Iowa

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Mission Statement

The Office of the Provost provides academic leadership to the University.  Its fundamental mission is to champion innovation and excellence in teaching, research, creative production, and service.

Staff Responsibilities

The Executive Vice President and Provost is the University's chief academic officer. Reporting directly to the president, the provost is responsible for the supervision of all academic programs, a wide range of faculty matters (including academic promotion and tenure decisions and faculty advocacy), student academic affairs, and strategic academic planning.  He or she communicates on behalf of the University with the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, and with a wide variety of internal and external constituencies.  The provost is a principal participant in collaborative decision-making involving University-wide strategic planning and budget development, management of auxiliary enterprises, health care services, and the conduct of research and scholarship.

The deans of the University's eleven colleges report to the Provost, as do the Director of the Division of Continuing Education, the University Librarian, the Chief Information Officer, and the Director of the Museum of Art.  

The provost delegates some of the responsibilities of the Office of the Provost to the associate provosts for faculty (Susan Johnson), graduate education (John Keller), and undergraduate education (Beth Ingram); the associate provost for academic administration (Barbara Eckstein); the special assistant to the president for equal opportunity and diversity and associate provost (Marcella David); the associate provost and dean of International Programs (Downing Thomas); and the associate vice president and director of administration and planning (Don Szeszycki).  

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