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Winter 2015

Two University of Iowa parents were the center of attention during the Family Weekend game day breakfast and at halftime of the Hawkeye football game, when they were honored as UI’s Mom and Dad of the Year. More...

Fall 2014

From an On Iowa! event at Kinnick Stadium to a party at the president’s residence, and from job and food fairs to cultural center open houses, the university organized a variety of activities as the fall semester was underway to make sure the new academic year got off to a good start. More...

Summer 2014

Moving a child to college is a big transition for everyone. To help ease what’s sure to a busy and emotional day, we asked parents and UI staff members to offer words of wisdom to the parents of this year’s incoming class. Read what they had to say.

Spring 2014

University of Iowa Dance Marathon, the largest student organization on campus, announced at its annual “Big Event” in February that UI students and partners had raised $1,801,032.20. More...

Winter 2014

Each year during Family Weekend, the university shines a spotlight on two of the many outstanding parents who support their sons and daughters as students at the University of Iowa through the annual Mom and Dad of the Year awards. Read about this year's recipients.Iowa through the annual Mom and Dad of the Year awards. More...

Fall 2013

The pre-semester On Iowa! program drew thousands of new UI students to a series of events Aug. 21–25 designed to build community and offer a running start for fall 2013 classes. More...

Summer 2013

How to help your student adjust to college…and ease your own transition.

Spring 2013

The annual Hawkeye Caucus Day in Des Moines gives students the opportunity to talk with legislators. More...

Winter 2013

Read about this year's Mom and Dad of the Year recipients. More...

Fall 2012

Nearly two years ago, the University of Iowa started a new program offering free academic support for all undergraduates. SWAT—Study, Workshops, and Tutoring—includes traditional tutoring options, Supplemental Instruction sessions, and workshops designed to help students succeed both in and out of the classroom.

Summer 2012

How to help your student adjust to college…and ease your own transition.

Spring 2012

Iowa has created a University of Iowa Parents Facebook page to serve as an online community for parents of future, current, and former Hawkeyes. It’s a place to network and learn about what’s going on at Iowa.

Winter 2011

Iowa's four new TILE classrooms are spurring professors to rethink how they teach. More “learning studio” than traditional classroom, the rooms lend themselves to a teaching style that engages students more actively.

Fall 2011

Here's a little secret about community service: most volunteers get back just as much—if not more—than they give. That's especially true when those volunteers are college students eager to learn new skills, explore career options, network, and feel connected to and at home in their new communities.

Summer 2011

College is about more than academics; it's a time to explore a variety of interests. With nearly 500 student organizations at Iowa, there truly is something for everyone.

Spring 2011

A new University course called Life Design: Building Your Future opens creative avenues for students.

Winter 2010

Two University of Iowa parents were the center of attention Oct. 23 during the Family Weekend Gameday Breakfast and before kickoff of the Hawkeye football game, when they were honored as Iowa's Mom and Dad of the Year.

Fall 2010

To kick off the 2010–11 school year, Parent Times rounded up some campus experts and asked, "What are the most important things for parents to keep in mind about today's college students?"

Summer 2010

As if saying goodbye to your students isn’t stressful enough, moving their belongings can be overwhelming for parents and students alike. Parent Times offers some advice from seasoned resident assistants on how to survive the move-in experience.

Spring 2010

When Eric Mou graduates in May, he’ll have on his résumé more than three years’ experience researching cancer. That’s because the pre-med biochemical engineering major from West Des Moines, Iowa, began looking for research opportunities during his first year at The University of Iowa.

Winter 2009

Danica Dunbar wanted extra income her sophomore year at The University of Iowa, but she worried about the time commitment of taking on a part-time job. The senior psychology major now says she has no regrets.

Fall 2009

Anne Talbot got her first taste of living in another country when she was in high school. After participating in a weeklong Japanese exchange program offered by her Urbandale, Iowa, high school, she was hooked. Studying abroad, she says, was always part of her college plan.

Summer 2009

College is about more than academics; it’s a time to explore a variety of interests. With more than 400 student organizations at Iowa, there truly is something for everyone. Plus, studies show that students who engage in extracurricular activities that are not alcohol-centered are much more likely to succeed.

Spring 2009

Mark Binning thought he had a pretty good idea of what leadership was. Still, he came to college hungry to improve his skills, and joined the pilot class of the UI Pomerantz Career Center’s Career Leadership Academy. It didn’t take him long to discover that he had a lot to learn.

Winter 2008

As an undergraduate, Austin Williamson was uncertain about how he would use his majors in psychology and sociology—until an influential professor sparked an interest in research.

Fall 2008

Question: What do all 4,200 first-year students have in common?

Answer: They all received free copies of Sierra Leone native Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier as part of the community-wide One Community, One Book reading project.

Summer 2008

Part of the college experience is learning to become independent adults. For parents, that means learning to take a backseat.

Spring 2008

Anyone who ever attended school remembers those final exam nightmares—the ones where you show up naked or realize you sat through an entire semester in the wrong class. Finals can be stressful: for many students, those test scores determine a large percentage of their grade. And finals week comes on the heels of final projects and presentations, upping the stress even more.

Winter 2007

When American students get to know international students, they start thinking about their own views. ‘Why do I believe this? Why do I think that?’ That’s a healthy process, and it’s one of the goals of a university education—to examine values, to strengthen them, to adapt others.

Fall 2007

University of Iowa undergraduate Holly Moriarty helped develop a pilot program on campus that recycled 17 tons of residence hall cafeteria leftovers by turning them into rich compost. As a result, the University cut down on waste, area residents got better organic materials to grow their gardens, and Moriarty earned a great grade in her Sustainable Systems... course.

Summer 2007

A national online survey completed last fall by nearly half of the 5,000-plus student residents at Iowa indicates that the majority of them are satisfied with all aspects of residence hall living...

Spring 2007

John McCluskey and Amber Lux have different goals and interests, but both have found University of Iowa certificate programs that further their academic and career objectives...

Winter 2006

Before coming to Iowa, Brandi Adams didn’t give graduate school much thought. Now, the senior math and physics major says she plans to “shoot for the stars” and get an advanced degree...

Fall 2006

Being involved in cocurricular activities is a great way for students to meet new people and have fun but also a way to learn valuable skills like teamwork and time management.

Summer 2006

Will your child ever be organized enough, punctual enough, mature enough to manage without you...

Spring 2006

Several professors, inspired by the University’s Year of Public Engagement, are encouraging students to take traditional philanthropic and volunteer endeavors to a new level...

Winter 2005

Students gain knowledge and skills through campus group involvement...

Fall 2005

From book to byte: University Libraries celebrates 150 years of service...

Summer 2005

What can parents do to help their first-year students adjust to college?...

Spring 2005

A combination of camaraderie among employees and devotion to customers has made the University’s free, on-campus transit service tick for more than 33 years...

Winter 2004

You name it, they do it. Usually, they do it for free. They are University of Iowa students, volunteering their time and energy to help dozens of organizations and individuals in the Iowa City area...

Fall 2004

Academic advisers are great listeners and referral agents. Their advice on everything from course requirements to homesickness can enrich a student's academic experience...

Summer 2004

What can parents do to help their first-year students adjust to life at The University of Iowa?...

Spring 2004

UI Student Health service treats illness and supports wellness while students are away from home...

Winter 2003

Charter Committee involvement expands students' opportunities for learning...

Fall 2003

Students will find a treasure trove of rare and valuable resources in UI Libraries Special Collections...

Summer 2003

Construction on campus means updated facilities and new opportunities for Iowa students...

Spring 2003

The drums kick it off with a whirl, immediately unleashing an easy-going reggae progression. Rhythmic guitar riffs dance with the bom-bom-bom of the bass and help set the groove.

Winter 2003

The transition to college is notoriously stressful. Of course it’s hard on parents, adjusting to life with one fewer mouth to feed, schedule to keep track of, and quick morning hug good-bye. But it’s also a major transition for students, as happy as they may seem about being on their own.

Fall 2002

The end of the first semester and winter break are in sight. Students look forward to home-cooked meals, sleeping ’til noon, and hanging out with old friends. Parents look forward to having things the way they used to be, with the entire family sitting around the dinner table once more.

Summer 2001-02

The University of Iowa campus is a big place. With its approximately 29,000 students and 13,000 employees, some students may find that it’s more populous than their hometowns. And even for students from urban areas, there are adjustments to be made. Fortunately, the faculty and staff of the University are here to help.

Spring 2001-02

You’ve enrolled in the College of Engineering. You arrive, settle down in an introductory course, and . . .begin to sink. What is all this language? Why can’t I figure out where the professor is heading with this material? How can I stay cool when I’m in a panic?

Winter 2001-02

If you’ve been following the headlines in Iowa news media recently, you know that the state of Iowa has a budget shortfall caused by slowing state revenues...

Fall 2001-02

In June, a second Knight Commission concluded its study of intercollegiate athletics. Its report identifies major challenges but says academic institutions can still redeem both themselves and their athletic enterprises...

Summer 2000-01

Now that all residence hall rooms are linked to the powerful University Ethernet network, some students are finding imaginative—and sometimes illegal—ways to take advantage of the network’s power, using their laptops and personal computers...

Spring 2000-01

Nurse business person. Nurse anesthetist. Parish nurse. Day care community nurse. Nurse instructor...

Winter 2000-01

The new Division of Performing Arts includes the departments of Dance and Theatre Arts and the School of Music...

Fall 2000-01

Young and old, black and gold—it's Family Weekend time...

Summer 1999-00

UI residence halls get wired...

Spring 1999-00

Study in Summer? Almost 12,000 Students Say 'Yes'...

Winter 1999-00

Campus Drinking Culture Can Harm Any Student...

Fall 1999

Language Courses Open Advantages of Global World...

Summer 1999

Your Students' Safety and more...

Spring 1999

Those Who CAN Teach, Vice-President Phillip Jones, and more...

Winter 1998-99

Stretching the Dollars to Update Technology, Health Iowa, and more...

Fall 1998

Exploring Careers Beyond Medicine, Geology in Puerto Rico...

Summer 1998

Weeks of Welcome, Late Night Study...