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Retirees look back on careers, look forward to varied pursuits

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Photo by Tom Jorgensen.

Some 131 UI employees entered the next stage of their lives during the 2007–08 academic year, which is to say they retired from the University.

Some will stay busy with ongoing research, others will give time to worthy causes, and still others will find plenty to do around the house. The decision to retire isn't always an easy one; emotions are mixed on that final day on the job. But the promise of more time with family and the freedom to travel are rewarding prospects. Five retirees recently told fyi about their plans.



Education, research, rehabilitation efforts take flight at Macbride Raptor Project

spacer gif Raptor Center volunteers band a falcon fledgling
Photo by Tom Jorgensen.

Over the years, the Macbride Raptor Project has rehabilitated a variety of birds of prey: a rough-legged hawk that collided with power lines; a falcon that was tangled in barbed wire; a broad-winged hawk that suffered a gunshot wound; and dozens of owls, ospreys, vultures, and eagles that have been threatened by various forms of human activity.

But on a recent day, Jodeane Cancilla arrives at the Macbride Nature Recreation Area with a mourning dove that has gotten tangled in a fence after high winds.

“We try to help all wildlife,” explains Cancilla, project assistant with the Macbride Raptor Project. “Although the dove isn’t a bird of prey, they’re all related.”


Photo feature: Work at the Raptor Project

Catch a glimpse of the many facets of the work being done at the Macbride Raptor Project.

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  • College of Dentistry offers incentive for faculty, staff
  • University Libraries extends due dates
  • Sustainability, flood recovery featured at University’s Iowa State Fair exhibit
  • It pays to apply for professional development awards
  • Resources available for UI faculty, staff members impacted by flood
  • See which Learning and Development courses are right for you

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  • Professor: Katrina boosted New Orleans musicians' productivity, creativity
  • UI team helps piece together genetic puzzle of schizophrenia
  • Leadership study suggests age may have helped Obama, hurt Clinton

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  • Recent deaths

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Peter Damiano
Peter Damiano photo
If you follow current topics in higher education, you've certainly come across the word "sustainability," likely in relation to the environment. But Peter Damiano, director of the UI Public Policy Center since July 2007, says much of the center’s work is focused on making people and communities in Iowa and around the country more sustainable in a broad sense. Damiano recently sat down with fyi to talk about a symposium series the center will launch this fall in honor of its founder, David Forkenbrock; Damiano’s long family ties to Iowa City; and why you might find him at Regina High School with a hammer and nails.




“[I] just knew she was going to be an Olympian some day. There was no doubt in my mind."

Bob Rydze
(Des Moines Register, Aug. 4)

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Don Gurnett, UI faculty member

Don Gurnett

Advancing Iowa's reputation for
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