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Iowa's close-knit community welcomes Lickliter to basketball's biggest stage

Coach Todd Lickliter talks about the upcoming season.
Photo by Tom Jorgensen.

If Todd Lickliter didn't realize he was stepping into the state's spotlight when he accepted the University of Iowa men's basketball head coach position this spring, he found out soon after his plane landed in Iowa City—his son sent him a message asking if he really had been on the ground for seven minutes.

A web site had been tracking Lickliter's flight, you see.

Lickliter, named the 2006–07 Division I Coach of the Year by the National Association of Basketball Coaches, sees his new position with the University as a chance to compete at the highest level within a close-knit community. He welcomes the rabid fan following, and hopes they can feel a sense of ownership in the program. And Lickliter stresses team accomplishments, with one notable exception: the academic achievements of his players.



Staff and faculty members at The University of Iowa will this month be choosing among health insurance and other benefit options for 2008. Most of them must take action and make a choice of health insurance or run the risk of starting the new year without health care coverage.

Due to changes in available health care packages, many employees will be required to choose a new health insurance plan, says Richard Saunders, senior associate director of Human Resources. In previous years, employees could allow their choices to continue year-to-year. That's not possible this year for many.




  • W-2 forms will be available on HR Self Service web site
  • Mason appoints provost search committee members
  • Regents approve Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging
  • 'Judge a Book by its Cover' gallery talk set for Nov. 8 at Old Capitol
  • Review of compensation and job classification system available online
  • See which Learning and Development courses are right for you

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  • UI study shows that Parkinson's disease impairs normal driving skills

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  • Humbles named director of Center for Diversity and Enrichment
  • Recent deaths

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A freshwater mussel once plentiful along the muddy bottom of the Mississippi River was nearly wiped out in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by a booming demand for buttons and pearls. University of Iowa engineer Tatsuaki Nakato worked with state and federal officials to release some 5,000 of the mollusks into the river near the UI Lucille A. Carver Mississippi Riverside Environmental Research Station at Fairport, Iowa, in an effort to bolster the small, native population of freshwater mussels, thereby enhancing the river basin's natural biodiversity and health.

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Scott King
Scott King, director of UI International Students and Scholars
Scott King can recall his feelings during his first experience studying abroad: empowerment and excitement. The experience changed his life, giving him a strong appreciation for international education, the field he has worked in since 1979. King, director of The University of Iowa’s Office of International Students and Scholars, sat down with fyi to talk about recruiting international students, his hobbies, and his experience becoming an instant “dad” with teenage exchange students.




“The Microsoft consent decree is like the alcoholic who is required to go to Alcoholics Anonymous, but the judge evaluates his progress only by asking whether he attended the meetings, not whether he stopped drinking.”

Herbert Hovenkamp
(ComputerWorld, Oct. 23)

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