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Retirees reflect on time at Iowa

Jean Gardner, recent UI retiree, sits with her granddaughter Savannah. Photo by Tom Jorgensen.

Some 87 UI employees entered the next stage of their lives during the 2006-07 academic year, which is to say they retired from the University.

Some will stay busy with ongoing research, others will give time to worthy causes, and still others will find plenty to do around the house. The decision to retire isn't always an easy one; emotions are mixed on that final day on the job. But the promise of more time with family and the freedom to travel are rewarding prospects. Three retirees recently told fyi about their plans.




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  • A little big news: UI anthropologist, colleagues discover remains of earliest giant panda

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  • Recent deaths

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Photo feature: Archaeological dig

The Office of the State Archaeologist, a research unit of The University of Iowa, conducted a dig in Missouri to determine research potential of sites along a pipeline construction route.

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Robert Brooks
The next time you're out and about, and you stop to smell the rhododendrons, you might want to thank Robert Brooks, associate director of campus and facilities planning for landscape services in UI Facilities Management. Brooks and his crew of 43 employees are responsible for designing and maintaining sidewalks, signs, lighting, and more than 1,000 acres of grass, shrubs, trees, and flowers. Brooks talks with fyi about the challenges and rewards of making sure everything outside the doorsteps of the University’s offices, labs, classrooms, and student housing is pleasing to the eye and functional to the foot.




“For someone who has been in education all her life, I couldn’t ask for a better environment. It’s pretty hard not to be optimistic.”

Sally Mason
(The [Cedar Rapids] Gazette, June 27)

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