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ITS gives advice to faculty, staff on staying out of phishers' nets

screen capture of spam e-mail

In recent weeks, University of Iowa faculty and staff have opened their e-mail inboxes to find a message purportedly sent by a University of Iowa support team. The message claims that a database upgrade is under way, and in order to avoid deletion of e-mail accounts, the recipient must send his or her username, password, date of birth, and country or territory.

This is to “phishing” what a shiny lure or juicy worm is to fishing.

The e-mail from UIOWA Support is not legitimate—the Information Technology Services (ITS) department at the University will never request that a UI employee send his or her Hawk ID password via e-mail. As these attacks continue to infiltrate inboxes, ITS is seeking to keep fellow UI employees off the hook of identity thieves by offering advice on ways to avoid phishing scams.



At 34, Katie Porter is an associate professor in the University of Iowa College of Law and a nationally recognized expert on bankruptcy law. Some 20 years earlier, Porter was an Iowa farm girl from a small community south of Winterset, participating in the initial Iowa Governor’s Institute for the Gifted and Talented in 1988.

Porter credits her involvement with the institute—a two-week residential program administered by the University of Iowa Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development—as a critical part of her current success




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When glass equipment cracks in the Chemistry Building, there is no panic. With decades of experience as a glassblower, Peter Hatch heats up his flame, and everything's cool. Beakers are fixed, tubes are made like new. Hatch visited with fyi while working at his shop, talking about his career choice and his favorite aspects of the job.

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Sheila Schechinger
Sheila Schechinger photo
When she was a high school student, Sheila Schechinger knew what she wanted from her college experience: a big university that offered many majors, an idyllic college-town setting, and the opportunity to get involved. She found these things at The University of Iowa—her visit to campus revealed its "wow" factor. Now as assistant director of high school relations in the Office of Admissions, she spends a lot of time telling Chicago-area high school students how she came to find the right “fit” in a college. Schechinger recently sat down with fyi to talk about technology's role in the admission process, her life as a new parent, and how she became such a big sports fan.




“Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi spend over a billion dollars each year to promote brand preference for soft drinks. In this light, the $100 million per year to change our lifestyles seems pretty small."

John P. Murry
(New York Times, April 1)

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Colleen Chapleau

Colleen Chapleau

Focused on fight against cancer



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