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How do our gardens grow?

Mary Stigers takes care of the University's flower beds

Amid the serene green of the summer campus, islands of color and texture stand out. Inventive combinations of flowers and foliage invite campus employees and visitors alike to stop and smell the roses ... and the angelonia … and the parsley.

The brains, and the brawn, behind these vibrant oases is Mary Stigers, a groundskeeper in UI Facilities Management. In winter, when she’s not working on snow removal, she’s planning the striking displays that provide punch to frequently traversed areas of campus.


"Remarkable" branding platform launches

The University of Iowa is developing a new communications campaign around the message “Be Remarkable.” fyi spoke with Scott Ketelsen, associate director of University Relations, about the campaign.


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What's in the spotlight at the Iowa State Fair?

Provost launches ProLog

Learning and Development August/September schedule

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George McCrory
George McCroryIn addition to his everyday role as associate editor with University News Services, George McCrory serves as site manager for The University of Iowa's annual exhibit at the State Fair. Before heading out for his fifth tour of duty, McCrory shared a few secrets about the fair. (Not all the food is fried!) Read more...


“It’s good that we’re sensitive enough to want to teach people not to be jerks, but it’s bad that we’re not tough enough to let public life get a little spicy and racy.”

John Durham Peters
(Chicago Tribune,
July 24)

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