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Tooth decay: Disease of disparity

In early March, 25 students from the College of Dentistry set up clinic in two local Wal-Marts and provided free oral health screenings and flouride varnishes to more than 200 children.

Photo by Michael Kanellis.

Many of the children, some as old as 8, had never seen a dentist. But children aren't the only ones at risk.

Michael Kanellis, assistant dean for patient care in the college, explains how UI faculty and student dentists reach patients of all ages.



New UI initiatives: Making academic life more hospitable for women

The University will improve gender equity on campus through several major steps over the next three years, including investing $250,000 in a new program called the Dual Academic Career Initiative.




  • Ch-ch-ch-changes... make health and dependent care reimbursements easier, faster
  • If you're over 50, you have plenty to wine about
  • It's big-hair time! Go get your Hairspray at Hancher!
  • Catalyst Seed Grant winners
  • University's wellness program reports results
  • Nominations due for staff awards
  • Nominations due for Technology Innovation Award
  • Staff Council members elected, officers named

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  • Project investigates human rights implications of global warming
  • They swam across the Atlantic? Is that a croc?

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  • Recent deaths

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Photo feature: Dentistry Simulation Clinic

College of Dentistry students take a bite out of the learning curve with a little help from their mannequin friends.

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Learning and Development April/May schedule




Kembrew McLeod
For a guy who sold his soul on eBay, Kembrew McLeod, UI associate professor of communication studies, is in good shape. Among other endeavors, he has produced two dcoumentary films, one about the history of popular music, and another on issues related to freedom of expression. He talks with fyi about his work, including his critiques of the media.




“We like to say this is not rocket science—it’s just a case of putting your money where your mouth is.”

George Neumann
(MSNBC, March 22)

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