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September 5, 2003
Volume 41, No. 2


Pop quiz: Test your University smarts
Faculty Senate president: Maintain connections
Des Moines serves as a campus away from campus

New high-tech treasure hunt draws adventurers

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News Briefs
Catalyst Award winners named
Promotion and tenure info available online
New system targets spam
Complaints down, reports ombudsperson, but University still has progress to make

Who are the givers among us?

August Longevity Awards



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Ph.D. Thesis Defenses
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The University of Iowa

The University of Iowa

Pop quiz: Test your University smarts

Fall is upon us, and with it commences a new academic year. This means fresh faces, cooler weather, and—one hopes—a renewed spirit of collegiality. To celebrate this new beginning, the staff of fyi decided to organize a University trivia contest.

The University of Iowa, as the state’s first public institution of higher learning, has a rich history that boasts all sorts of intriguing stories and amazing accomplishments.

How much do you know about campus? Test your knowledge with this quiz, and then see how you did when we publish the answers in the October issue of fyi. (UI faculty and staff members are invited to send in their best guesses by Sept. 19 to win prizes; submit answers to Sara Epstein Moninger, fyi editor, 300 PCO, or

.1. Identify where the photos below are located on campus.

carved wooden pig Carved stone
Yellow  tile
Patterned brickwork Detail on architectural column
Yellow  tile
Letters UAD in metal gate Letter
Yellow  tile

2. What did the following UI undergraduate students have in common—Jacob Van der Zee (1905), Charles G. Siefkin (1930), Mark E. Schantz (1963), and Margaret O. Little (1983)?

3. Which University building had to be moved across the street in 1904 to make way for new campus construction?

 What year was fyi first published?

5. In 1939, Iowa established the nation’s first ___________ ___________ that used preservative agents for long-term storage.

6. In 1961, Iowa was the first university to completely design, assemble, and operate:

a. a personal computer
b. a color television
c. a remote-controlled car
d. a spacecraft

7. Whose ashes were reportedly scattered over campus in 1940?

8. How much was the cost of tuition, as advertised in a local newspaper on March 5, 1855?

9. Who wrote the lyrics to the Iowa Fight Song?

10. What 1918 event caused the academic year to begin late and sent more than one-third of the student body to the hospital?

11. What was the name of the first student newspaper at Iowa?

12. What “dangerous” popular pastime prompted the student newspaper to write a note of caution in 1889 “to call students’ attention to the danger” and remind them that almost every year it “claims some poor fellow’s life”?

13. Who once said, when criticizing the campus architecture, “You must give up your sentimentality about Old Capitol or you will be doomed”?

14.Which of the following was NOT an Iowa mascot:

a. Burch the Bear Cub
b. Rex the Great Dane
c. Floyd the Pig
d. Herky the Hawk

15.Match the Iowa Writers’ Workshop award-winning faculty members with the titles of their published work:

James Alan McPherson The Meadow
Marilynne Robinson Carry Me Across the Water
James Galvin

Enola Gay

Frank Conroy Elbow Room
Ethan Canin The Death of Adam: Essays on Modern Thought
Marvin Bell Stop-Time
Frank Levine Stars Which See, Stars Which Do Not See



Published by University Relations Publications. Copyright the University of Iowa 2003. All rights reserved.


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