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During fiscal year 2008, University of Iowa faculty, staff, and students attracted $386.2 million in grants and contracts that support their work—a UI record. Since 1967, Iowa research, scholarship, and creative work have generated more than $6.3 billion in external funding.

But the numbers tell only part of the story. University of Iowa research is about expanding knowledge, generating ideas, inspiring reflection, solving problems, and enriching education—in short, making life better for people everywhere.

The University’s balanced commitment to the arts, humanities, and the basic and applied sciences has earned it an international reputation in fields from creative writing to physics to hydroscience to medicine. Whatever their interests, UI students can work alongside top scientists, scholars, and artists, becoming active participants in the quest for new discoveries and ideas.

In a chemistry lab, for example, faculty, staff, and students explore how tiny crystals called zeolites might be harnessed to clean up environmental messes, an Iowa contribution to the expanding fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Meanwhile, in the field, investigators chart the movement of water, soil, nutrients, and toxins, and how changes to the watershed impact events like the flood of 2008.

Collaborative projects such as an original theatre piece on vision loss draw perspectives from the arts and the health sciences, while a new $33.8 million grant—the second-largest research award in UI history—helps move promising treatments from the laboratory to the clinic.

Large and small, University of Iowa research, scholarly, and creative projects target countless goals: discovering how children learn language and how CEOs make decisions; drafting tomorrow’s novels and today’s legal codes; developing computer-simulated environments and real-life strategies for classroom teaching. Some yield new inventions, others new perspective on timeless human questions.

That’s why research matters, and why inquiry and discovery remain among the University’s fundamental missions.

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