Tips for Safer Parties for Hosts and Guests

The fall months are exciting times in Iowa City. We want everyone to have fun but stay safe. If you are thinking about hosting or attending a party this fall, there are some things to know so everyone has a good time, but no one gets arrested, everyone stays safe, and neighbors and landlords don’t get upset.

Iowa City Police Department Fall Party Patrols  

Every weekend during the fall months, the Iowa City Police Department conducts “party patrols” to look for apartment and house parties that are disruptive to neighbors or that have signs that things might be getting out of control.  The intention behind the party patrols is not to ruin anyone’s good time, but to prevent the kind of problems that happen when parties get too big and people drink too much. We want people to party safely. 

Avoiding Party Problems

If you're thinking about having a party or going to one, there are some easy things you can do to make sure everyone has fun and no one gets in trouble or harmed in any way.

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